I have long been inspired by my Mother’s love of cooking and the way that she created a safe and warm enviroment for our family.   She always searched for the best and freshest ingredients, no matter which country road or field that might lead her to.   She and my grandmother would pack up my brother and I to head out in search of a sack of okra, fresh corn, tomatoes or anything else they could find.  Always stopping to visit relatives along the way… I loved those long summer days!

The rich, deep aromas that would fill the air, as soon as you walked in our home, still linger in my head.  She instilled within me, a  longtime passion for cooking and discovering new ways to make food work!

Always searching for new restaurants, but still loving and supporting my old favorites.  Food and cooking bring me back to past memories and constantly creates new ones.  To me, cooking is about life, love, family and friends.  It’s about having fun in the moment, that leads to memories that last a lifetime.