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.  The Smoked Boudin was amazing.  Just the right amount of meat to rice combo (like it’s supposed to be!)  And the smokiness was surprisingly subtle.  Trying the Fried Chicken Livers with Pepper Jelly, just made me want to grab the whole tray!  Perfection is all I can say.   The Shrimp Salad on a thin crisp homemade potato chip was a wonderful treat to the palate.  The lightness of the creamy shrimp salad (chocked full of fresh shrimp), with just an edge of crunchiness, sitting on the crispy chip was to die for…  Then came trays of Lump Crabmeat, very lightly sprinkled with the most beautiful toppings of shaved pickled veggies, sitting on house made pepper crackers.  Melt in your mouth good.  Another fabulous treat.   Trays of nicely seasoned grilled smoked sausage, topped with a dot of mustard, were being circulated around the room.  Again, these were the happiest waiters that I have ever seen.   Chef Link must be doing something right to inspire so many happy faces!   I was told that their Wood Fired Roasted Oysters were the best thing since sliced bread, but didn’t get to try one.  Then, if all of that were not enough, I looked upstairs to see a fully dressed whole Roasted Pig (of course head, feet and tail intact) being carved and served.  Alongside the Roasted Pig, were Fried Cracklings and Roasted Pig Skin cut into nice size pieces with a huge bowl of Cochon’s refreshing Cucumber Salad.  What a site for my eyes!  To top off my evening and add to my collection, Chef Link signed one of their menus for me to take home.  Yes, I collect menus of the restaurants I love and if I can get the signature of the chef, it is even a bonus.  My husband swears that it will be our kitchen wallpaper one day!  As we packed ourselves into our car to go home,  I can honestly say that Cochon in Lafayette lives up to its reputation and  is a delightful surprise, in that it not only appeals to those of us that want “pork – the real deal”, but obviously serves knock out dishes that are lighter.   That is a perfect example of “When Food Works”, it’s all good.  They won my heart over….which reminds me…I need to call for a reservation in the morning!